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About Blue Hill Hydraulics Incorporated

Coastal MaineBlue Hill Hydraulics is a scientific consulting company located in Blue Hill, Maine. The company specializes in the application and development of numerical modeling methods used to solve complex fluid flow problems. Blue Hill Hydraulics provides service to commercial clients, governmental agencies, and research organizations.

The staff at Blue Hill Hydraulics has been using advanced numerical modeling methods to solve difficult problems in the fields of microfluidics, aquaculture, river hydraulics, and power generation for over ten years. These services have been provided to clients involved in dam removals, fish passage and protection, the design of laboratory equipment, and the upgrade and operation of power generation systems. The results of some projects have been patented, and some members of Blue Hill Hydraulics’ staff have received awards from professional organizations acknowledging their contributions to other projects.

Blue Hill Hydraulics is actively involved in the development of new computing methods based on the use of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling techniques. This includes the application of methods designed to simulate fluid-structure interactions, the formulation of special turbulence models used to predict energy dissipation in breaking waves, the development of novel approaches used to improve the siting and operation of offshore aquaculture operations, and the development of specialized transport models used to study and improve the flushability of disposable household products.

Dr. John Richardson is the President of Blue Hill Hydraulics. Dr. Richardson received his undergraduate education at Lafayette College (B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1987) and his graduate education at the University of Maine, Orono (M.S. and Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1992 and 1996). After completing his studies, Dr. Richardson traveled to Los Alamos, New Mexico and was employed by Dr. C. W. (Tony) Hirt. Under Dr. Hirt’s supervision, Dr. Richardson contributed to the development of the FLOW-3D computer software system. FLOW-3D is a commercially available CFD program used worldwide by scientists and engineers to study complex flow problems.

Dr. Richardson returned to the Northeast in 1998 and was employed by Earth Tech and the Alden Research Laboratory. At Alden, Dr. Richardson served as the Director of Numerical Modeling. Dr. Richardson founded Blue Hill Hydraulics in 2004.

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